You may have read that humans’ average attention span is shrinking. There could be many reasons like digitalised lifestyle, information overload, multitasking — or maybe we have become more selective and like the content with interesting stories and visuals.

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Thus, I, Thy Fere (Your Friend), decided to write the commentary on different topics, articles, and authors. I will also summarise and compile the articles that are written by authentic authors and publishers in a simple form. Of-course, I will give the proper references and links to the originals.

In this Digest, readers will find the information, advice, and opinion on Photography, Information Technology, Culture, and Lifestyle. There will be other authors who will write for this Digest.

So, if you are an impatient reader — craving to read the engaging content that shouldn’t take up too much of your time — you have come to the right place. Welcome!

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Who am I?

I truly believe that this Digest is not about me but the readers. I sincerely want to help my readers by getting to the heart of the matter and keep it simple, informative, and fun.

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Thy Fere (Your Friend)

If my introduction helps the readers in connecting with me, I am happy to jot it down:

I am an Information Technology professional otherwise and love to shoot whatever excites me to the inner core of my relentless mind. No matter if they are vast plains, wildlife, bushes, modern infrastructure or people. Yet, I enjoy portrait photography the most.

Outside of work and photography, I enjoy exploring outdoors and being passionate about nutrition and health. I also like networking with people from disparate interest groups and with different opinions. I like to get out of like-minded comfort zone and into a zone where I can learn, grow and make a bigger difference.

As I know more about computing, photography, culture, and nutrition, readers may find more posts about these topics.

If you like any post, please comment, share, and spread the word. If you don’t like any content or disagree to our opinion, still I would like to see your comment and feedback 😊.

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