We are going to learn how to CONQUER life and not just survive it. Video games are a great analogy for life. We go through levels and overcome obstacles. Similarly, the game of life becomes harder and harder but don’t worry as you are also becoming smarter (know yourself).

Understand one thing, you control your thoughts, not the other way around. Know your mind’s power. Once you realise that you can control your thoughts, you will have a cheat code to your life and access to the new avenues. Conquering your thought is an ongoing process which needs readjustment from time to time. Seek situations which make you uncomfortable and then throw yourself into them to discover your new strengths. However, beware of your emotions as often they cloud our judgement. Mistakes are cool and unfortunately the best mentor — Accept and own your mistakes; it’s called self-accountability. If you won’t accept it you were wrong, you will never get to the root cause of the problem.

Probably everyone has three layers within themselves. Top or first layer is how we explain our actions to other people, which is the easiest of all as it doesn’t require effort. Then comes the middle or second layer that is deeper and couldn’t be reached easily as this deals with how we explain our actions to ourselves. Last layer buried deep within us is hard to find as it’s our inner self which deals with reasons of why we behave the way we do. Sometimes we are afraid to address our inner issues because of what we will find, or maybe won’t be able to fix that specific problem — last two layers relate to self-accountability.

We need to remind ourselves that nobody is perfect. Thus, I dare you to do your each task with full compassion. Most of us believe that love is for other people, which is not true. First and foremost, love yourself. Be friend with yourself, take your personal time, and know yourself. When you feel you are back at square one, treat yourself the way you treat someone you love when they are sad. Good commitments are like endangered animals — there are many threats to their existence.

Temptations will always be there, and that will never change. What has to be changed is your ability to deal with temptations? Let go of fear of missing out and remember the fact that you are working on yourself. Whenever you experience something amazing, try to disconnect yourself and savour the moment. Life is a one big negotiation — you need to start high. If you aim low, you will end up lower than you intended. The point is, don’t be afraid because you will accept the outcome and learn from it. If you really want to do something, don’t have a Plan B as you are expecting your plan A to fail, which is not the right attitude. Don’t seek shortcuts as escalators can go out of service anytime but stairs are always there so better take them. Not one thing should make or break you.

You are building an empire, and you should know empires are not built overnight or fall down easily. To sum up, don’t just survive life, CONQUER it.

Walk like a king or walk like you don’t care who the king is.

About Author:

Safa is a teenage writer from Pakistan. She is a voracious reader. She likes fiction, theology, and recently started putting her thoughts into words.

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