Management packs typically contain monitoring settings for applications and services. Each management pack contains many parts, and Object Discoveries are one of them. Object discoveries are used to find the specific objects on a network that need to be monitored. SCOM MP runs a Seed Discovery to identify that the application is present on the computer or not. Once the Seed Discovery found the application, rest of the object discoveries will be run, and SCOM begins monitoring objects based on default configurations and thresholds that are defined in the management pack; thus generate alerts.

In Multi-tenant environment, SCOM monitors the applications, operating systems and other objects for the clients who are paying for it. Hence, you don’t want to run unnecessary object discoveries on the clients’ computers (agents) that can increase the network and storage utilization on the agents.

So, when you install any new management pack in Multi-tenant SCOM environment, disable the Seed Discovery for all Windows Servers by using the override. To do this, please follow this process:

Pre-configuration information required:

  1. Need intermediate experience with SCOM
  2. Management Pack which needs to be disabled.
  3. Appropriate rights and permissions (SCOM Administrators)
  1. Log on to one of the SCOM management servers
  2. Launch Operations Console
  3. Go to Authoring navigation pane > Management Pack Objects > Object Discoveries
  1. Click Scope > type SQL in “Look for” text box > select the targets that are related to newly installed MP and press OK button

    Note: You should know which management pack have you installed for the particular application. In this example, I have installed the SQL 2016 management packs.
  1. Identify the Object Discoveries that are targeting to Windows Server or Windows Computer

    Note: Most of the modern MPs come with seed base discovery targeting a broad set of object classes. For e.g. Windows Server or Windows Computer 
  1. Right click each discovery targeting Windows Server class > Override the Object Discovery > For all objects of class: Windows Server
  1. Check the override for Enabled parameter name and set the Override Value to False and Select the management pack called “All Seed Discovery Overrides” > Press OK

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