Multi-Tenant SCOM — How to Enable the Application Discovery for Group of Computers

I have already explained in my previous article that why you shouldn't discover every application for all Clients in multi-tenant environment; hence, disable their discoveries. Now, we will learn how you can enable the discovery of an application client wise. Usually, how do you segregate the clients in multi-tenant environment? — Computer Groups.…


Knowing Yourself is the Key to Conquering Life

We are going to learn how to CONQUER life and not just survive it. Video games are a great analogy for life. We go through levels and overcome obstacles. Similarly, the game of life becomes harder and harder but don’t worry as you are also becoming smarter (know yourself). Understand one thing, you…


Multi-Tenant SCOM — Do Not Discover Every Application for All Clients; Disable their Discoveries

Management packs typically contain monitoring settings for applications and services. Each management pack contains many parts, and Object Discoveries are one of them. Object discoveries are used to find the specific objects on a network that need to be monitored. SCOM MP runs a Seed Discovery to identify that the application is present…


How to Cook Rice That Could Halve the Calories?

Rice is a mainstay of dozens of different cuisines around the world, and the fuel that keeps uni students alive (alongside instant noodles).[1] But it’s easy to overindulge on rice, and too much of any carb isn’t good for you. Carbohydrates can spike your blood sugar levels, leading to energy crashes, weight gain,…


How to Diagnose and Cure Conspiracy Theory Disorder

I have lived and worked in four multi-cultural countries and also visited several. Whenever I interact with a person of different nationality, I love to discuss their culture, traditions, and faith. Fortunately, I socialized with around 47 nationalities. There are many traits that we all share same but one social psychological phenomenon is…

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Personal Branding on Black-Golden Watch Face with Closeup View of Watch Mechanism.

Personal Branding – make sure you do it right

Are you the one who stands out and believes in reinventing yourself as a brand? If so, you are on your pathway to personal branding – a transition period to nurture yourself regardless of the current job role or seniority level. Recognizing your niche, in order to foster the search demand, injecting personality…

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Siblings Portrait

How to prepare for the family photoshoot?

Family photography sessions can be a little daunting for some. For all my sessions I will guide you in order to capture beautiful images. You will receive some “posed” shots, but know that I primarily document the moment together. My favourite images are those when you don’t notice me at all – laughing…

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Family Portraits of Jeff and Robyn with their grandkids and family

Another Family Portrait

The family is one of the universal and permanent institutions of mankind. There are many countries where the family does not consist only of husband, wife and their children but also of grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and grandchildren. I strongly believe that grandparents are the member of the immediate family. Due to the…


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